Moving a Domain Name to us

There are several good reasons to move your domain name to Vision Internet Limited. Some of these reasons are outlined below.

This page mainly deals with moving a domain name to us rather than simply pointing it to our hosting. If you don't wish to move your domain name and still want us to provide web hosting, you can simply change the DNS settings of your domain name. Please select "Hosting only" on our order form to do this. You will be sent the appropriate settings once you have placed an order with us. If you have problems with DNS settings, your domain name provider should be able to help you with this.

How to move a .uk domain name

We do not charge anything for a .uk domain name to be moved to us or away from us. If the domain name is coming up for renewal, we will send you a renewal invoice once the domain name has been transferred.

Please use our order form to choose a hosting package before moving any domain names over to us and make sure that "Move domain" is selected. If you already have a hosting package with ourselves and wish to add (or park) another domain to it, you also need to use our order form, selecting "Move domain" along with the "Park/Add to hosting" option. You should then contact your present domain name provider and ask them to release the domain name to Nominet Tag (IPStag): VISIONINTERNET. This tag name is very important and should always be in uppercase.

If your current domain name provider refuses to move the domain name or you cannot contact them, you should contact Nominet UK (the registry for all UK domain names) who will be able to move your domain name for you although they will charge a small fee for this. If you need to do this, please see their site at During the procedure, you will be required to enter our Nominet tag which is VISIONINTERNET. If your UK domain name has been de-tagged, please see our page on detagged domain names.


Moving a Top Level Domain (for example .com .net .info .club domain name)

This type of move is subject to a transfer fee which is shown on our prices page. The transfer will result in an extra year being added to the renewal date.

Most types of domains must have been registered with the present domain name registrar for more than 60 days before they can be transferred. They must be unlocked for transfer and you must be listed as the administrator contact in order to move it. Any opt-out data privacy (Domain ID Protection Service) option must be removed from the domain before transfer. You will also need an Auth_code (sometimes referred to as the EPP code) which your current domain name registrar is required to provide you if requested. If you are the administrator contact, we can initiate the move to our registrar (openSRS) and you will be sent an email which you have to achnowledge. Your domain registrar will almost certainly send you (or rather the registrant/owner) an additional email which should also be achnowledged for a faster transfer. It generally takes 7 days to complete the process if you've not been sent (or completed) the second confirmation email.

We recommend that you move your domain name to us at least a month before the renewal date to prevent any complications.


Once your domain name has been transferred

When the move is complete, we will change the DNS settings associated with your domain name so that it points to our servers. There will be a transition period of up to 2 days where some people will see the old version of your site and some will see the new. This is due to the way that the name server information propagates through the internet. When receiving email, it is recommended that you use the IP address rather than the domain name to differentiate between the two different hosts over the transition period.