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There were over 320 million domain names registered worldwide during the first quarter of 2016, according to figures from Verisign. With over 4 million new domain names being registered every month, it's important to register your ideal domain name while you still can. A domain name is your identity on the Internet and allows you to stand out from the crowd. A domain name portrays stability to your customers and gives them the impression that you're thinking to the future.

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Moving a domain name

If you want to move an existing domain name to us in order to host your web site, we will not charge any extra if the name is a .uk domain name (unless it's due for renewal of course). Other types of domain names are subject to a transfer fee. For global domains, if you have not renewed your domain name in the last 45 days, the transfer will result in an extra year being added to the renewal date.

You may just want to point your existing domain name at one of our hosting packages and leave the domain name with a different provider. This is quite easy to achieve and all you need to do is select "Hosting only" on our order form. We will then send you the DNS settings that you will need to set your domain name to along with a temporary URL so that you can make sure your new site works before the transfer.


Types of domain name

There are many types of domain name available for a number of different purposes. Each type of domain name has specific rules which may limit it's use.


Many companies in the United Kingdom have chosen to use domain names as this gives a clear signal that the company is either based in the UK or has a UK presence. Similarly, the same can be said about domain names for UK based organisations. The domain registry for UK domain names is Nominet who are a private, not-for-profit company. As a Nominet member we are able to offer large discounts on domain name registration and renewal fees. Our prices are fully inclusive and we will not charge you anything for moving your .uk domain name to us. Rules Rules and Rules

Trade Types
Please note that Organisations in Jersey, Guernsey and the Isle of Man are classified as Foreign Organisations.


.com .net .org

These Global Top Level Domains (gTLDs) are aimed towards companies, organisations or individuals who don't wish to restrict themselves to a specific country. .com domains are aimed towards commercial use, .net was originally aimed towards Internet network providers and .org is aimed towards non-profit organisations.

The domain registry for .com, and .net domain names is Verisign. For more information please see their web site at



In an effort to answer the growing demand for an increased quantity and variety of domains on the Web, Internet Corporation of Assigned Names and Numbers (ICANN) approved seven additional top-level domains (TLDs) including .info, .biz and .name.

The most attractive of the new domains is .info because universally, the Internet is synonymous with information and the new .info gTLD represents the same extensive benefits associated with ready access to greater volumes and higher quality information realized by Internet users worldwide.

The .info registry is an open one which means that .info is the only new unrestricted domain out of the seven new gTLDs approved. As the one 'true' alternative to .com, .net and .org, it is also expected to generate the largest demand in the marketplace which will foster the development of universal recognition and acceptance.



As the first Internet domain dedicated solely to the needs of businesses around the world, the launch of .biz represented an important milestone in the progress and development of the Internet. The global reach of the .biz registry and its essential role in defining future business success will translate directly into increased demand for domain names in this new arena!



Reserved exclusively for individuals, .name is the global standard for personal communication. Get your .name today!


New global Top Level Domains

These new domain name extensions were created because it was becoming increasingly difficult to find an appropriate domain name. These new domain extensions should help you to create a relevant name that will define your web site, brand, organisation, or business. Registering a new global TLD that represents your market can increase customer trust and set you apart from competitors. Please see our full list of new global TLDs for more information.