Hotmail Setup

If you wish to link your Hotmail account so that it reads emails from your email account with Vision Internet, you should follow the instructions below (and replace with your own domain)...

If you've not already done so, set up an email account on our server first using the control panel. Please see our instructions for this here.

Log into your Hotmail account and click the settings cog towards the top-right of the browser window.
Scroll to the bottom of the pane and click "View all outlook settings", then select "Sync email".


You'll see the option to add a connected account. Click "Other email accounts" and a box will appear requesting email account information. Fill in the 'Display name' box with your personal name or the name of your company and enter your email address in the appropriate box along with your password. Most importantly, tick the box for 'Manually configure account settings'. If you forget to tick this box, you will need to delete the account within Hotmail and re-create it again as the settings cannot be modified later!


The information in the window will expand showing extra options when you tick the box for "Manually configure account settings".

Click the "OK" box at the bottom followed by "Sync email" to complete.