FAQ - Domain Names

Can I register a domain name and point this at my free web space?
No. We do not provide URL forwarding or redirection. The reason for this is that search engines dislike redirection and it looks unprofessional. We will not supply anything which we don't believe is of value.
I'd like to register a domain with you but point the name server (DNS) records to another provider's servers. Is this possible?
Yes. You can specify alternative name server settings on our order form if you are only ordering a domain name.
If I buy a new domain name, is it possible to also point this to my existing web site that you host?
Yes, choose the 'Park on hosting' option on the order form.
I want to move my domain name to your servers, please could you advise on the procedure.
Please read our page on moving a domain name.
How do I register a .co.uk domain name that has expired? It still shows as registered.
If the domain name is still showing as registered and has a status of DETAGGED or SUSPENDED, you will not be able to register the domain name. The only options open to you are to either contact the current owner and see if they want to sell the name or wait until the domain name becomes fully available again.
When I register a domain name with you, who owns it?
You do, unless you enter somebody elses details as the registrant when ordering.
I wish to register domain names on behalf of my own clients in their name. Can this be done?
Yes, just order the domain name with your client as the registrant and you as the admin contact. All billing and admin contact goes directly to you without us ever needing to contact your client. Don't forget though that you are binding your client to our terms and conditions and those listed by the registry for that particular type of domain name.
I wish to transfer a domain name to you. Do you charge a fee?
We don't charge anything for .uk domain names to be transferred to us. However we are charged for other types of domain name transfers forcing us to charge. In the majority of cases, you will gain an extra year added to the expiry date of the domain. Please read our page on moving a domain name for more details.
What if I want to move my domain name away from you?
In the unlikely event that you would wish to move away from us, this is no problem. In the case of a .com, .net or .org domain name, you will be the admin contact for the domain name which means that your new domain company can move the name for you. In the case of a .uk name, you need to contact us to request the move and the Nominet tag of the gaining registrar.
Do you charge extra to park a domain name?
No, this is included in the price.