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The WHOIS Database

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About the whois database

When a domain name is registered, it is normal for the ownership details to be placed in what is known as the whois database. This database includes details such as your name, address, telephone number and email address.

Opting out

It generally depends upon the type of domain name and what the use will be for as to whether all your details will be listed. Traditionally, it was not possible to opt-out of the whois database for global top level domains (such as .coms) without losing the ownership of the domain name itself. However, we can now opt-out Top Level Domain names completely via our Domain ID Protection Service although regrettably we now have to charge a nominal fee for this service. Please see our prices for more information. If you have a domain name with us that you wish to opt out of the WHOIS database, please contact us.

ICANN are currently tracking down domain names with incorrect details and cancelling such domain names so please don't use fictional or inaccurate details as you may lose your domain name.

With uk domain names, the situation is a little different. Nominet UK (the registry for all UK domain names) will allow private individuals to opt-out and we make this option available within our ordering process. This only applies when a domain name is registered for private use only. This will result in only your name being shown rather than your address, phone number and email address.


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