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Ensim Email Forwarding

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To forward email to a different address

If your hosting uses the ensim control panel as with our starter web hosting package or Frontpage hosting package, then the following example shows how to forward any email coming into a particular email address on your domain to a different email address. In this example, we've decided that any email sent to should be forwarded to a email address.

If you have a different type of web hosting account with us that doesn't use the Ensim control panel, then please contact us and let us know what email address you want forwarding to where. We will then set everything up for you.

From the main menu, under services, click [configure SMTP server]. Your screen should show you a list of email aliases. You need to add a new alias so click the [Add Alias] button.

Add the name you want to use as an alias. In our example, we've used 'Bob' just to keep things simple.

In the section marked 'Forward To:(outside of domain):', you need to add the email address you want to send all your email to. Make sure you enter this correctly and don't have any extra spaces after the email address or it may not work correctly.

Finish this by clicking the [Add Alias] button.

You should see message saying that the status is successful and an alias has been created.

The list of different aliases should now also include your new alias, in this case, 'Bob'.

To foward all email

If you want to forward all email from your domain to a different email address, and you've followed everything so far to create an alias, then you should click on the 'pencil' icon against the 'catch all' alias. This will bring up the screen for editing the 'catch-all' alias.

In the 'Forward To:' section, select the alias you have created earlier.

Now click the [Edit Alias] button to finish.

You should now be able to see the update you have just made and should have the success message.

You will not be able to forward any email for postmaster or root. All other email will be forwarded to your external email address.


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