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Modifying the rotation and URLs of banners

Modify the rotation of banners, and change their URLs, as you add and remove banners from your site.

To modify banners:

  1. Click on the Entropy Banner link in the CGI Center area.
  2. Click on the Modify Rotation button.
  3. If you need to delete a banner, click on the Delete button. Deleting and re-uploading banners is the only way to change their rotation order.
  4. Click on the High, Medium, or Low radio buttons for any banner that you need to change, and click on the Save button. You need to do this for each banner that you need to alter.
  5. Enter the URL for each banner image in the Linked to field, and click on the Save button. You need to do this for each banner.
  6. Upload the web page and test the script.


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