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Autoresponders are email messages that are sent automatically when an email arrives for a specific email account. Autoresponders are most commonly used for an "Out of Office" style message to inform your correspondents that you are not available, without you having to reply manually. You can have more than one autoresponder on one account. You can use plain text or include HTML code in the autoresponder, and choose from a wide variety of character sets.

Please note that we do not recommend the use of autoresponders. The reason for this is that most junk email (spam) is sent with a forged reply address of a third party. This then results in the autoresponder sending out a response to the third party without knowledge from your account. There have been cases where emails from autoresponders have been reported as abuse resulting in server blacklisting and the termination of accounts. If the spammer hasn't used a forged reply address, then your autoresponse will acknowledge that your email account is fully working and you're guaranteed to receive much more junk email in the future. If you can avoid using an autoresponder by forwarding emails to someone else who can reply, then please do so.

To add an autoresponder:

  1. Log into the control panel.
  2. Click on the Auto responders icon from the main page.
  3. Click on the Add Autoresponder button.
  4. We recommend selecting us-ascii for the character set from the dropdown list.
  5. Enter the address of the account that the autoresponder responds to in the Email field.
  6. Enter your name in the From field.
  7. Enter the subject line of the autoresponder in the Subject field.
  8. Click on the HTML Message tick box if you want to include HTML code in the autoresponder. Generally this isn't required.
  9. Enter your autoresponder message in the Body field.
  10. Click on the Create/Modify button.
Adding an autoresponder


Editing an autoresponder
Deleting an autoresponder