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Affiliate FAQs

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If your questions about our affiliate scheme are not shown here, please contact us.

  1. Q) What is an affiliates scheme?
    A) An affiliate scheme is a scheme where anyone can earn commission by helping a company sell it's products. In our case, web hosting.
  2. Q) How does it work?
    A) First of all, you need to sign up. You will then be automatically sent an email which will confirm your details and give you a link to our banners page. Once you have chosen a banner and placed it onto your site, you're up and running. If someone clicks on the banner they will be directed to our web site. If this person then buys an annual web hosting account via credit card from our site, our software will credit your account with 10% of the value of annual web hosting value. You can check on your balance at any time by logging into your account and if you have enough credit at the end of the month, we'll send you a cheque.
  3. Q) Does it cost anything?
    A) No. There are no costs and no membership fees. It's completely free except for a few minutes of your time.
  4. Q) How do I find out how many people have gone to you via my site?
    A) You can log into your account to check how many people have clicked through from your site, how many sales you've made and how much you've earned.
  5. Q) What happens if the shopper doesn't buy immediately and comes back later to buy? Do I still make money?
    A) When the shopper visits our site, we place a cookie which is a small piece of information in their PC. If they return to buy anything within a year, we check the cookie and credit your account accordingly.
  6. Q) What happens if the shopper deletes the cookie or doesn't have cookies enabled?
    A) If this happens then we wouldn't be able to recognise the shopper when they return so we wouldn't know who (or if) we should make a credit to an affiliate so unfortunately you wouldn't gain from this particular sale.
  7. Q) Who handles your affiliate scheme?
    A) We run this ourselves. We like to have complete control of our scheme with no third party involvement.
  8. Q) Can affliates buy from themselves?
    A) Yes. We see no reason why we should stop anyone who goes to the trouble of joining the scheme to cut the cost of their first purchase. After all, they are most likely to want others to join via themselves as well.
  9. Q) How can affiliates contact you?
    A) We are happy to talk to prospective affiliates and clients alike and would point everyone to our contact page
  10. Q) How long does it take to get a query answered?
    A) This would depend upon the nature of the query. Most queries are answered within the hour but this cannot be guaranteed.

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